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window blind safety

Don’t let same tragedy happen to your child

Arran MalleyThere was something very special about Arran Malley. Despite being only 2½ years old he had a look in his eyes and a unique character that always delighted everyone he met.
As parents, we watched him grow and dreamed of seeing him meet each milestone in his life,
Riding a bike, Going to school, Falling in love, becoming a Father. However this was not to be.
On the 4th February 2009 while playing in his brothers room Arran decided to play with an unsecured window blind cord.
We will never know the exact details of what happened to him next, but what we do know is that Arran died that day along with all the hopes and dreams we had for him and his life.
This web site was set up to provide information to the public. It explains and highlights the dangers of each type of Window Blind and shows how to then make the Blind as safe as possible.

This web site is dedicated to Arran Malley 2006 – 2009

Shane Malley




Dean Regan Russell

Dean “Our Twinkle Star”. From the minute Dean was born he shocked us all. He weighed 12lbs 13oz. Dean was a big boy from the very beginning. Dean flew through each milestone, first tooth at 2 months, and first word “mom” at 3 months, crawled at 5 months and walked at 9 months old. Dean never feared anything. If he couldn’t do something he kept trying until he got it. When Dean started to climb out of his cot we decided to put him into his own room we bought safety locks for the windows , safety catches for his wardrobes and presses. I was so nervous he would hurt himself by falling out of the bed that we only used the mattress on the ground. Never, ever did we think of the cord on the blind. We didn’t even know there was a safety catch you could buy and we had different types of catches all over the house.

On the 2nd of January 2011 our lives started to crumble around us. Deans dad and uncle found him in his room entangled in the cord. We rushed him straight to hospital and little did we know at the time that we had 5 long days to say goodbye to Dean. On the 7th of January our son died. Dean was 23months and 2 weeks old.
Dean was so intelligent, loving, healthy and handsome he broke hearts with his big blue eyes and cheeky smile. Dean had the world in his hands and could have been anything he wanted to be.

Our life’s are now broken, our future is broken, our hearts will be forever broken.

Don’t let the same thing happen to your child, to your family.

Deans Mom




We will never forget Sunday the 26th February 2014 as long as we live as it was the worst and best day of our lives.

We had just left our two children Lily aged 4 and Jack 3 to play in the sitting room while we got ready to go out for the day. Jack hadasked for his Mr Potato Head to be taken down for him to play with so I thought he would play with that until I got changed.

A few minutes later my husband Michael rushed into the bedroom carrying a lifeless Jack across his two arms saying that he had been hanging on the cord of our window blind. Our daughter Lily had run into him saying that Jack was ‘sleeping on the blind’, was a ‘funny colour’ and had a ‘bubble’ coming out of his mouth. Immediately Michael knew something was seriously wrong and ran into the sitting room where he found Jack hanging off the window blind.

He lifted him down and carried him down to me. I went into a state of shock but Michael placed Jack on the ground and began CPR. He was not breathing and was the most awful colour. As Michael gave him mouth to mouth, I gently massaged his heart, hoping and praying he would come round while also dialling 999.

Thankfully after about 6 breaths, Jack began to come round and started crying with a very high pitched cry. Words cannot describe the utter relief and delight we felt when we heard that cry and then for him to eventually speak to us and recognise us. It was the greatest moment ever.

The ambulance came, placed him on a spinal board and neck brace and he was rushed to hospital. They were concerned he may have suffered from internal trauma to his wind pipe, so x-rays and scans were carried out. Thankfully there was no internal physical damage done but he was left with significant cord marks around his neck, around the back of his ear (where the blind had got caught) and up through his hair. He also had noticeable petechiae (burst blood vessels) across his forehead, under his eyes and down both sides of his face. However these were only temporary and faded with time. The A&E Consultant could not believe that Jack was alive given the severity and depth of the marks around his neck and the estimated time he was on the blind for.

We had stair gates fitted, the most up-to-date car seats fitted, safety hinges on our cupboard doors, leads shortened and every other safety device fitted to keep our children safe and well. However we had overlooked the blind cords.

Our blinds were custom made from our local blind company and had a long metal chain cord. They had been fitted 5 years previously and I do not recall whether they came with any safety message attached.  Jack had accessed the blind by climbing onto the sofa and then gaining access to the window. Whether he put the cord around his neck himself or he slipped and the chain wrapped itself around his neck, we will never know, but we do know that if we had had the correct safety catches fitted, this incident would surely have been prevented. The following day after the ‘accident’ we had all the cords of our blinds shortened and safety catches fitted…a job which took approximately ½ an hour.

Two months on and everyday we still talk about what happened and how lucky we are that Jack did not die that day, and that we have two healthy children to enjoy. It was only for the quick response by Lily and Michael that Jack is here with us today. We can honestly say we will never forget what happened to Jack and our hearts go out to those parents who were not as fortunate as us.

Jack’s mum, Karen