Window Blind Safety

window blind safety

Roman Blinds Safety Advice

Roman Blind

There are three ways of operating a roman blind, motorization, chain operation or cord operation.
Motorization is the safest option, provided any cables relating to your motor are not visible.
Chain operated roman blinds pose a hazard to children.
It’s imperative that a safety device is provided with each blind.

The cords at the rear of your Roman blind pose a danger to your children, particularly when your blind has been lowered. Breakaway clips are now available to make them safe.

Safety Device for Chains

Cord operated roman blinds can pose a serious hazard to children.

It is imperative that each cord has a separate acorn, that your cords are cut to the minimum length and that a cleat is installed to tie the cords off and out of your child’s reach.

Cord Tied Up Safely

The cords at the rear of the roman blind can be dangerous. The minimum amount of cord should be used in the manufacture of the blind so that no excess can be pulled from the head rail when the blind is in the lowest position.

Please ensure all safety devices are installed correctly.