Window Blind Safety

window blind safety

Vertical Blinds Safety Advice

There are three ways of operating a vertical blind. The blind can be motorized, be operated with a cord and chain or be operated by a wand.
Motorized roller blinds are safe for children, provided any cables relating to your motor are not visible.

Cord and chain operated vertical blinds pose a serious hazard to children. The cord and chain need to be retained with safety devices. The cord and chain can also be manufactured at a reduced length so that children can’t reach them.

Wand Control

Wand Control

Wand operated vertical blinds are safe. The wand is used to open and close the blind and turn the louvers.

Please note that the bottom chain (i.e. the chain connecting the louvers at the bottom of the blind) can pose a hazard to children. The chain could be glued in place at each louver but this may prevent the blinds from closing completely. Free-hanging, chainless vertical blinds are the alternative.

Please ensure all safety devices are installed correctly.

Vertical Blind Safety Device