Window Blind Safety

window blind safety

Wood Venetian Blinds Safety Advice

Wood Venetian blinds can be motorized, operated by means of a cord and wand or by two sets of cords.

Motorization is the safest option but is rarely used because of the cost involved.
The wand in the Venetian blind is used to tilt the slats. This wand poses no significant risk from strangulation but it can be reduced in length for general safety. The cords operating the Venetian blind must not end in a loop, unless a breakaway tassel is used.

Assembled Breakaway Connector

Alternatively each cord should have its own tassel and the cords can be reduced in length.

A cleat should be provided and attached to the wall or window so that the cords can be tied up safely, particularly when the blind has been pulled up and the cords are longer.

Cord Tied Up Safely

Inner cords on Venetian blinds can form a loop that can be fatal to infants and toddlers. Plastic rings should be attached to each cord to prevent the inner cords from being pulled into a loop. You can check your blinds by gently pulling on the inner cords of the blind to see how much slack is created or what sized loop is formed.

Plastic Rings/ Stops

Plastic Rings/ Stops

Please ensure all safety devices are installed correctly.